“Better Conversations” Online Course

“Better Conversations” Online Course

What it is

Better Conversations” (https://betterconversations.online) is the introductory Clean Language course we’ve always wanted. Delivered online over 4/5 weeks, 1h per week, it’s the ideal way to start exploring how you can use Clean Language approaches in your life.

Underlying Rationale

This is the course Simon always wanted and was unable to find anyone to deliver regularly in a timeframe that worked for a busy organisation. There are three main audiences in his mind:

  • People who Simon has mentioned Clean to, are interested enough to do a short course but aren’t able or ready to travel to do a multi-day course.
  • New colleagues who need some kind of Clean orientation/training. Historically we had to do this in house.
  • People who haven’t heard of Clean, they just want to have Better Conversations everyday both at work and at home.

Wider Community

We’re looking to create a template for the wider Systemic Modelling community to build upon. So all the course plans etc. will be made available under a Creative Commons license in the Knowledge Base.


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November 14, 2019