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Our Story is still unfolding

Amphora Solutions came into being through the desire to make a good and lasting difference in the world. Combining safe and effective communication tools with innovative IT approaches, here at Amphora Solutions we hope to create highly functional, relevant , useful and easy-to-use tools that help businesses to do their thing really really well and unleash both creativity and productivity.

Lean Start Up Summit 2019 in Berlin – we very likely met you there and your interest was piqued about what we’re up to. What the world needs are more creative, collaborative and go-getting businesses to grow and do good things.

So what we are doing is taking some tried and tested tools from the therapeutic and coaching field and are bringing them to the business world. We know these tools work as we’ve been using them for years in our business and have been benefitting in innumerable ways. And now we’re pioneering, developing and refining them to be fit for wider business use.

These tools work really well, so much so that without actually focusing on them things like these happen:


  • Increased productivity
  • Exceptional gross and net profit/employee
  • Fast and effective problem resolution
  • Next to no conflict within the workplace
  • Rapid ideation and greater understanding of customers’ wants and needs
  • Unexpectedly creative solutions
  • Robust resilience and bounce back in the face of adversity
  • Joyful and fun workplace
  • Lots of very happy customers
  • …and a very happy team


Our Offer

What we’re currently offering takes form in two ways – the first one is a bunch of careful honed questions which cut through assumption, jumping to conclusions and bull**** that can so often get in the way of clear and considerate communication.

The second is an ever growing selection of proven models that help support the everyday business of creating good and convivial relationships and being in a good state at work.

What’s Next?

Use this link to register for a free call with us. Use the call to find out more about what we do by experiencing it and, at the same time bring a problem or gnarly issue you may have to the call which we can explore.

This call is in effect our current MVP (yes we’re in what we like to call our Clean Lean Start Up mode) and your feedback and comments will help us hone our offer and desire to make a long and lasting difference in the world of business.

Find out more

We started blogging about our experiences using Clean in Business, and that piqued people’s interest. That led to the creation of Amphora Solutions as a vehicle to explore what would emerge if we shone our light a little more. 

For the moment we’ve moved those blog articles over to this site’s Blog; in time we hope to add more!

If you’re interested in Clean Language generally we’re recommend our friend Caitlin’s TED talk as well as her company, Training Attention