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This stuff really works. It is the foundation of our success. We don’t have a particular agenda, we’d like to help others be more successful using what we know works.

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Deep Pedigree

We’ve been using, refining and adapting a bunch of tools know as Clean Language that grew out of the talk therapy arena. Our aim is to take what we’ve learnt from honing these essentially therapeutic tools in our business and make them available, accessible and easy-to-use for organisations and businesses.

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What is Clean Language?

Clean Language was developed over decades by Pyschotherapist and visionary David Grove whose basic question to himself was how to take assumptions and judgements out of the therapuetic dialogue – essentially how to “clean up” his interactions with his clients.  Whilst Clean’s use has broadened into areas outside Psychotherapy it still retains a strong foundation of integrity and safety.

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Music in the Office (and Neurodiversity)

Music in the Office (and Neurodiversity)

simoncFeb 10, 2017

There’s an article in The Guardian today about music in the office. I find this kind of discussion fascinating because…

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